but it seems some IT go way beyond their particular job in monitoring activites, basically enjoying spying on people. Know of one case an IT made a nasty remark to someone about the use of their computer. He didn't know it was his boss on the workers computer at the time.

IT people are suppose to report any discovered misuse of company equipment. They're not gernerally in charge of reprimanding individuals themselves. It's amazing though, they seem like Congress, the same rules don't apply to themselves.

As an electrician I was sent to the computer center once to move some telephone jacks. It was one of those floors that are 2x2 foot panels you remove to access wiring underneath. Guess what we found under 3 desks under the floor? external modems so the IT guy could access the internet without going through the company server. This also bypassed the company firewall and though that computer exposed the network to invasions the firewall should stop.

Now of course web is so graphic modems are almost useless. But it's a nice example of how the enforcers rarely apply the rules to themselves. That applies to a lot more than IT, it applies to probably half the people in charge anywhere.