I was speaking more of the way they campaign

by Steven Haninger - 11/21/12 4:48 PM

In Reply to: quick glance at a couple of sites by Roger NC

Back in the '60s, the candidates came to our statehouse steps. In other towns it might be the town square. They'd go to a generally gathering or meeting place. During this past election, college campuses were prime real estate for speech making...that, union halls and other very select locations which weren't readily available to the general public. That's how it was in may town, anyway. Some states or people got little or no attention at all. Candidates already know who will be loyal to the opposition regardless of who that person is. They know not to put much effort into getting in front of them and focus on just making sure their own base turns up to vote. We've been divided into a bunch of minorities by race, economic class, gender, sexual preference, etc. Gather enough minorities together by making promises of special support and you can easily defeat the largest group out there.