actually the CIA is in the business of lies

by Roger NC - 11/21/12 3:42 PM

In Reply to: Since when does the CIA by TONI H

sorting throught them and spreading them.

come on, CIA useto be shadowy mystery group. After they were outed somewhat I suspect a lot of the really secret stuff went to the NSA because it was even less known.

Yeah, the CIA is suppose be more restrained now, and better oversight. So call black ops are supposely reviewed before and after execution.

I remember an incident many years ago when Russia arrested and accused some American there of being a spy. There was a public outrage that they would dare accuse an American of such a thing. A relative of mine wondered how dumb were those acting outraged if they really thought we didn't have spys in Russia, almost certainly breaking laws in the process. Her response was that we certainly better have spys there, whether or not the accused was one.

Come on Toni, while this stinks of coverup, you can't honestly believe the CIA doesn't lie? If you consider the organization like a living creature, lying is in the CIA DNA.