Takes me back

To the dark ages of the 90's

It was the first time I heard the term. I just started a job at a magazine and they talked about ripping images. They showed me what they did, how they no longer sent the artwork to the printer and ripped it. As I was the product manager it was a shock but so few people worked with it there wanted to train someone.

I wished the term raster had caught on because ripping sounds so violent.

i always find it amusing when people declare they know were the term comes from and base it completely on there experience.

I really laughed when I saw the answer that it had to do with ripping off the music industry and it started with napster.

I find the lack of historic knowledge both amusing and sad.

even though this is old, so old that i needed to read it because i had forgotten what ripping was. I mean I remembered why we ripped but I forgot that it stood for raster image processor. Someone even mentioned vectors. wow. This was stuff I had forgotten.

tek-ed gave the perfect answer and i thank them for prodding my memorey.

I am concerned about the whole ripping CD thing. I had a commodore or ataria 64 capable with tape deck storage.

what really confuses me, and this is coming from a film perspective, what is tape anyway. I understand tape records information magnetically, but it seems to be neither analog, or digital. Optical sound seems to be analog but video tape images do not seem to be analog there seems to be no true frames. So where does magmetic tape fall? it certainly is not digital, but is it analog?