Poor people cannot afford to buy cheap.

Rich folks can afford to buy cheap. They can afford to buy the same thing many many times and when it fails, buy new and just put it down to "cheap". Think rich folks at Walmart or Apple buyers. Buying cheap is an addiction of the rich folks. The 47% or 1%, but a percentage no less. It's those folks that think they know how to buy "cheaper best", and have no idea why our economy is down the toilet! No thought is given to the old adage " Think global, buy local".

Most folks today have no idea what a micron is, but that is all that separates them from a good connection or a crap connection. Vacuum deposition has made the working part of contacts very very thin; a few microns. Herein lies the problem; the cheap connectors have that same few microns of conductor, but the uncoated contact is crap metal.

Life is too short to buy cheap beer, or cheap connectors.