Every generic cable I've used has worked just fine

From my experience, all cables are the same. Just some are a little better made. Just about everything I've used usually cost a lot less using somebody's generic cable type. HDMI Cables, Ethernet cables, and everything else, there's always somewhere you can buy it cheaper, and they all seem to work the same if you get something with the same specs as the expensive one.

Two of the cheapest places I've found were microbarn.com and cyberguys.com. If you're careful, two other place you can get things cheap from are the stores CompUSA or TigerDirect, their actual stores or online stores sell some cables pretty cheap.

You can buy a 6ft (2m) gold-plated HDMI cable for $3 from the microbarn.com, or even a 16ft(3m) one for $2 more.