fixed, only kind of...

I upgraded to firmware 1024, reset my PS3 to 1080P and bam, still the same thing. Still same jittering.

I went in to the Smart Hub and went into the Sync Plus software again and disabled it, then, reset the PS3 to 1080P no jittering this time. So, it is fixed, but only kind of. A problem still exists, with the Software on the TV.

Can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not be forced to install apps on our televisions? And even if we are forced to install apps, please give us the capability of deleting what we don't want or need.

There is an App Store on the TV, I would like to be able to just browse it for new apps, not have new apps be automatically installed, and break something, and have me think for weeks that something is physically wrong with my tv.

Please, please, please: please bring it up to those that need to hear, that we don't want these applications installed, or in the least, we want the ability to remove whatever we want to remove.