Another HDMI switch?

by Mr_Moto - 11/19/12 11:48 PM

In Reply to: I'd try another switch. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Thanks for your reply.
As you can see in my original posting, I did try another: the Digitus HDM switch; to no avail. I also tried various HDMI cables, none of them being longer dan 1.50 meters, most were shorter. So I do not feel like spending another €40 on a 'shot in the dark'.
More info: when I fire up the Panasonic, I do see the Bluray symbol on my TV screen, followed by an ocean blue screen, also produced by the DVD player. Normal this should display a little image which contains 'play', but this one doesn't. After one or two seconds, the TV screen turns black, and that's just it sad