Reminds me of new cell phone policy

a few years ago.

They use to officially discourage use even if they didn't forbid having one. Then after they pretty much gave all the salary people one and required them to carry it on and off the job, they ignored phone use.

After some problems, they announced a review of policy. A few weeks later one came out, so vague that I never figured out what the restrictions were. I think the intent was that if you were using the cell phone and were distracted causing downtime or damage, then you'd be in violation of the policy.

Internet use at the site is all over the place. For a while all new hires were automatically cleared for internet access, but people hired before that day don't unless your supervisor applies for your clearance. How crazy is that?

There is a limited white list for those that aren't cleared for internet use, NOAA, all our benefit pages of course, the local creditunion associated with employees, etc. There are blacklisted sites for those that do have internet clearance, but it doesn't seem that restrictive.

A mealy mouth policy allows it to be interpret as desired when an unforeseen circumstance comes up. It also makes it easier to ignore something if the manager in charge wants to when it involves employees he gives more slack to anyway. And anyone honest knows that unofficial prilveged status exists.