We were at war in two countries

by TONI H - 11/19/12 2:19 PM

In Reply to: So even though the country was "AT WAR" by JP Bill

all of the attacks listed were in countries other than the two we were at war with and each of those countries had a responsibility to keep our embassies safe, and they didn't do that job very well. However, we don't know unless we search for each instance on the net what the end results were........were all of the killers killed? Were they captured and sent to prisons or Gitmo? US embassies weren't the only ones that were targeted during those years either, just as the British embassy and its Ambassador was targeted in Libya. The assumption also for each of the listed attacks at this time though is that none asked ahead of time for added protection.........the consulate and annex in Libya DID and were denied.