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by TONI H - 11/19/12 1:02 PM

In Reply to: Republican outrage over Benghazi by Josh K

any links to those stats, do you have any information about what the results were? I wonder because every single one of them were during a time when we were officially at 'war against terrorism'......and none were ever covered up or blamed on anything other than what they were.

Benghazi is a whole new ballpark.........This administration refuses to use the term 'war on terror', and in fact has banned it from its vocabulary, convinced that 'talking with our enemies' will make them understand and like us if we apologize for our previous behavior often enough. BO was so entrenched that he, to this day, refuses to use 'terrorist attack' against the Ft. Hood killer, even though there has been proof of connections to AW in Yemen prior to the killings, thereby denying our troops the benefits they and their beneficiaries would have received and should be getting. BO is also so entrenched in his belief that Libya was being 'normalized' that to have to admit to an AQ attack that killed four Americans that he did nothing to protect ahead of time nor did he command that Stevens and Smith be pulled out of there to safety, and he was so busy bragging during his campaign that OBL is dead and AQ is diminished or on its heels, that there was no way he wanted that attack to be publicized so close to his election and on his watch.

He allowed four people to die.....and they watched it doing nothing and not only going silent about it, but called it a bump in the road the same day and then went to Vegas to campaign as if they were nothing to him.