Trying to zero in on tablets that support Netflix

by deltaskye - 11/19/12 6:52 AM

In Reply to: You just described a Nexus 10. by R. Proffitt Moderator

As I explored options this past weekend, I focused on Netflix capability, since we already pay for a Netflix account and that will be one of the primary uses. But I could not find a chart that compares tablets' support at a micro level.

I did discover year-old message boards and Netflix tech blogs that stated that Netflix was supporting Android devices (Honeycomb), along with a link to a download for the tablet. In May 2011 PCWorld listed six recommended Honeycomb tablets and I assume they support Netflix: Xoom, Transformer, Iconia, Flyer, G-Slate and Galaxy.

I couldn't find any newer info on which tablets support Netflix. Do the iPad and Nexus support it?

What are the minimum processor requirements I should seek in order to enjoy streaming movies and TV?

Thanks so much for your fast response over the weekend.