In less than 20 miles

by Roger NC - 11/19/12 5:55 AM

In Reply to: we rarely shop there anymore by James Denison

Walmart is the largest game around here.

There is PigglyWiggly, Foodlion, and a couple of smaller stores for groceries. But for much of the stuff you might go to WalMart to get, there is not any real competition for about 50 miles. There are places, limited inventory and much higher prices generally.

But that's living in the sticks. I live here because the job is here. I don't want a long drive to work. It's too dangerous if you work too long and drive tired and sleepy. Thirty minutes or less is a good work drive to me. That includes parking etc, door to door so to speak. I'm about 20 right now. My choice of course, you make the choice and deal with the side issues.