we rarely shop there anymore

by James Denison - 11/19/12 3:05 AM

In Reply to: sometimes I question my own by Roger NC

When the Ames near us died, we were delighted to see Walmart come into that shopping area. For years we shopped there. They then decided to build a superstore at the next interstate exit, which is actually closer to us, and shut down the older store. We quit shopping at Walmart. The smaller store was easily shopped, the super store will tire you out before you ever get what you want, to much ground to cover on a shopping trip, things too scattered out. Even worse, because it's a "super store" there are those who come from out of area to shop there, so good for Walmart it's more heavily trafficked than the previous store, but not so pleasing for us, dealing with larger crowd. We replaced them with Target for shopping, which happens to be a few blocks down from where the old Walmart used to be.