and admins, don't tell me your propaganda junk about "oh, well just click on direct download next time"

that's not even addressing the real problem that you guys are trying to take advantage of 90% of unexperienced computer users' ignorance, in order for financial gain via Advertisements. I used to work for techsupport at my university as a part time job, and people's computers are always messed up and slowed to a snails pace from this junk. weatherbug, toolsbars, etc etc.

and in my experience, ive used a handful of other companies (Trusted ones) installer clients, and never had a problem like this.

Only lowend websites who are desperate for income such as torrent sites or other piracy pages, use the trick of the MASSIVE green button, to try to get people to download something they don't really want (which is in a font a tenth of the size as the other)