by seaskys - 11/18/12 11:21 PM

In Reply to: Good to hear by mchainmchain

My PC is Windows Vista Home Premium, LG, and it works like a champ! It is fast, I also have Microsoft Office 2007 installed and for what I use it for it is fine. I'm an artist, and have several sites for my work,
also I create many digital collages, and write a lot of articles pertaining to my art, and occasionally create
invites, posters etc. I think I should stay with what I have, and when I purchase a new PC will make sure I keep up to date with the updates. I was traveling when the SP1 came out and for a year or so was not active on my PC, then lightening hit my modem, and I had my keyboard replaced, since then I've tried and failed to do the SP1 update many times. Updates for both windows & Office are installed as they come up
from the updater. I was just afraid that without the SP1 I would have problems, but as I have read many had problems not only with the install, but many problems after and uninstalled it. Again thanks for your input!