by isipingo - 11/18/12 5:48 PM

In Reply to: How can i remove mystart by incredibar? by 10zachs1

I'm not a computer expert but I got incredibar & other nasty malware on my computer & took it to a PC repair guy. He actually failed to fix it but he gave me a very simple tip which enabled me to fix it myself. (This is after I spent many hours trying other people's online tips which failed to work.) Basically, you switch on your computer & before you get the log on prompt you hit F8 which gives you the option to repair your computer. Then you simply choose option to restore your computer to an earlier point, select a date BEFORE the malware installed & let it run. (This may take quite a long time & should NOT be interrupted.) When it finishes running it will have restored your computer to a point before the malware installed. It's that easy, & in my case it worked.