Easier said than done...

by Willy - 11/18/12 4:35 PM

In Reply to: If I was that unhappy with my job, by Steven Haninger

Excluding larger communities, Wallyworld is the only game in town. It pretty much sewn in many to its jobs, because there aren't many out there and that includes long before current employment woes. remember, many that lost a job also lived in the area and were not renters or made their home in the area. For whatever reason they stuck it out. I'm sure some moved on and out, but even that takes some cash to live on until the big move. What alot of workers are saying, its too hard to make it on wages alone and even more often than not, food stamps still are needed to supplement the food stuffs, even at Wallyworld prices. These are the "working poor" as best to describe it. -----Willy happy