I agree about security in a facility

by dmbflorida - 11/18/12 3:00 PM

In Reply to: Physical Security of whatever you Supply by hortnut

Before my mother died, I had her in assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. She primarily was in one of the most highly rated (and expensive) facilities. There was theft that was not investigated nor did the probable staff thieves get fired or reprimanded. My mom was already depressed and I bought her motivational items like angels and an angel blanket.... thieves took them. I bought her expensive shirts and some of the best were stolen. Even a tripod walker was stolen. This security issue is "on topic" since the discussion is on what type of device should be given to a Senior citizen living in a facility away from home. Accidental dropping of things or knocking them off the bed while asleep adds to the potential of damaging expensive devices.... I still would consider getting a smart tv... try her out on that when she visits a place with a smart tv. for one thing, tvs are harder to hide or remove when thieves strike.