You don't necessarily *need* someone local to help - New!

Thanks for the support. Perhaps I don't "need" help, but I "want" help! I have too many other things on my plate demanding my attention and something has to give! I'm too far behind the 8-ball w/ technology and have the least interest in this task!

After I posted this, it started to make more sense to me. Sometimes I just need to lay it all out! since I have an old computer with a reasonably current OS - Win XP - it seems like I should just clean the hard drive and use it as a 'server' of sorts: I can put my music collection on it - with Foobar 2000 (or some other program) and connect it to my stereo. Question here is: do i need new components - need a computer techie to help out. Second, if I use the old computer, I just need a new monitor (and video card?) - install a newer version of IE or Firefox, connect the computer to the internet and watch all the internet TV I've been doing with my desktop. I'll have to pull out the old computer and really look at it - it was my dad's so don't know anything about it - except it ran Win XP.

Suddenly it's all coming in to view!

Now - where do I go to find a reasonably knowledgeable computer techie - I don't mind paying for this help!

Thanks again - in advance


btw: I have an 'old' Denon DRA 395 receiver. Decent enough for my task. I don't need the 'latest and greatest'.