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by mchainmchain - 11/18/12 12:02 AM

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As for upgrading to a newer windows operating system, it is only possible to move to Vista (upgrade, that is) from XP, and then from Vista to Windows 7. So, it would be at least a three step process, and that is assuming no glitches or problems arise in each upgrade.

To go directly to Windows 7 or 8 from XP is not possible, as you cannot upgrade to either from XP. You must do a fresh clean install to use either new operating system and XP must be removed by formatting the hard drive first before attempting a clean install of 7 or 8.

Is your computer fast and/or powerful enough to run 7 or 8 so that you are happy with your results?

Pardon me, not sure what Windows HP is.

In every case, you will need to go to your computer vendor site to get the latest drivers that are specially made for your computer, that you need, for each version of the operating system you are trying to upgrade.

Do not go anywhere else to get these drivers.

Are you ready to do that?