Burning in High Def

by mcs56 - 11/17/12 9:32 PM

In Reply to: how to burn HD video onto DVD with full quality by lmulion03

I also have a Canon Vixia HD camcorder.
I also used imovie to edit my video. Was unhappy with the results and called Apple tech support who told me about Toast Titanium. I am able to edit my video in imovie. Than I export (Share) it and choose the highest High Definition resolution and save it to my desktop.

I open Toast Titanium and drag the file over. I than burn it choosing the High Def option.
I burn on a regular DVD- but since it is burned in High Def I can play it on my Blu Ray player. The key is that the contents cannot be over 30 minutes (not enough room on the DVD).

I actually was looking at this site- because I wanted to see if Blu Ray burner have come down in price. Also the price of blu ray disc were expensive last year. I really have content that is over 30 minutes and I am tired of downsizing my video. Hope this helps- I've been using the above process for over a year and enjoying the High Def video results. mcs56