Ahh yes, why not an Ultrabook?

by dlutter - 11/17/12 6:49 PM

In Reply to: The orphan product that will be Win RT. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Primarily because I don't want to deal with the keyboard all of the time. The convertible/hybrid devices I have seen in stores and read about online are too thick and heavy compared and too pricey compared to either the Surface or Vivo Tab. Is there a convertible/hybrid true Ultrabook currently available or announced?

Point taken about the non Windows store apps, but I only have one must have app. The rest can be covered by my home desktop or laptop. I will have to wait and see if that appears in the Windows store. That will make the decision between RT and Pro.

Not sure what you mean about Windows 7/7.5 phones, but as long as the tablet does what I want (PDFs and limited MS office, plays some video, email, ebooks, and allows web surfing) I don't really care about further upgrades.

How do you transfer files with your droid tablet? Can you connect to a network server?

Thanks for addressing questions 2 & 3. Anyone have thoughts on question 1 or further input for 2 & 3?