Drivebackup revisited

by electrajune - 11/17/12 6:00 AM

In Reply to: Drive/backup by pgc3

In answer to testing another system--I have only the desktop, no other system.

However--this has gotten curiouser and curiouser...just about the time I was going to pull the unit/power supply the drive came back on. I had not made the connection--have no idea what makes this come on--suddenly appearing is a partial screen with the same little search eye that you are seeing when you do a "search" for a program. Items to select are the same as if I was being asked to choose where to insert a CD, thumb drive, or someother external piece of hardware. Without thinking I simply cancelled the pop-up and--the back-up drive came on. I have no idea what activates this [partial] screen; have tried to remember and/or cause it to come up but nada. The external drive backed up and worked for several days and is now back to its same problem -- the backup drive is not found either by the computer's system or the drive software.

The pop-up screen is not a new event; I just never associated it with the external drive [K]. There is not a choice for the backup on the screen. By pop-up I mean just that--not an ad popup.

Another dumb question--if I reinstall the software and set the back up to exactly the current parameters will that further complicate things. I thought there might be some glitch with the software. I asked the same of tech support but did not get an answer. It may be that this is to specific a question to the CMS BounceBack Ultimate software and, if so, I do understand. I have a copy of the manual and have searched their site online and cannot find an answer. Even if I have to completely start over if reinstalling the software will fix it I will be glad to do it--just did not want to make a mistake.

Thanks for your help; sorry to be so uneducated!