He went with the latest (4).

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 11/16/12 11:23 PM

In Reply to: Thanks Bob! by BlessedMK

I can't see any to avoid except iPad 1. At the office we do some Android work so we know the units fairly well but from our work. We can't use the iPad for our apps for a small reason so I don't use the iPad more than a few minutes a month.

As to the Nexus 7 that will be in my hands next week. But some of the things you ask for will require apps. From what my brother does I can say that the iPad will do all you listed but I can't write a paragraph describing the need app, connection and setup. My thought here is that Apple should do that for you to make the sale.

When it comes to the Android systems we are faced with a diverse hardware ecosystem and we get to cobble together an app and what is needed to make the system work. I have yet to see any maker tackle what you listed as well as Apple.