Help In Connecting to the Internet

One needs to have a service which is either telephone or TV service to get your mother connected. She will need an e-mail address whether it is Yahoo, Hotmail or one of the TV servers. If she doesn't have a computer, your best bet is to get her an IPad or Samsung or anyone that has the tablet.

She will need a Wi Fi. I am sure you probably know about them. On the IPad, she will need to go to Settings and click, All the information is right there and I am sure you can guide her. If she is like me, due to her age, she will need to write it down. Apple's IPad has ALL the directions in a book which she can download from the Apple Store. She will need and email address and a password.

There is no way she can do any of this without being shown HOW so get with it Guy and give her all the help she needs to get started. At her age, the IPad will be the easiest to handle and learn and much better than a computer. She can visit with you and bring her Pad along with her. That way, you won't have to run to her house to give her help. Good luck.