Consider a fixed location for her Internet access

I have read the other nine replies that you have and they all offer excellent ideas. I would like to offer a few additional thoughts however. I am 77 myself and spend a good deal of time helping my friends with their computer problems. I am not so sure about the ipads, tablets and other smaller mobile devices; they are easily lost or misplaced. If your grandmother has her own room, she probably has cable TV. If this is the case adding a router and small desktop computer is quite simple and an effective solution to your problem. Choosing a PC or Apple would depend on what YOU are most comfortable with. I would also argue that small touch screen devices are not easy for older people. A mouse and key board are easier to deal with and most of us have some experience with them. When setting up the system, use shortcuts when possible. If you can, teach her how to reboot. This will fix 90% of the problems she will run into when no one is around to help. You may find that there are some other older people around who can help out at times also. I add just one more thing; how well your grandmother does with the internet does not depend so much on how old she is, but she did during her lifetime.

Good Luck - Randy