Need help getting my 75 year old mother connected...

Most retirement homes allow cable connections to private in room TV sets, and phones. You should be able to get her connected via either of those providers. If not you might try one of the 4G dedicated wireless connects like Clear.

When you set her up, be sure to secure the wireless connection with WPA2, and keep the pass phrase somewhere you can get to it. What to use as the browser interface? At 75 people's sight is not usually super good, so I would recommend a large screen laptop 17" or larger. If she needs true portability, then an Ultrabook 14" would be better than the 10.1" or 11 inch netbooks.

You say she is not good with tech though, so be prepared to give her training, and constant assistance. Also, really train her on security. She should not give her passwords to anyone at the facility, ever.