You can also use "diskmgmt.msc"

by wta4Gurus - 11/16/12 4:33 PM

In Reply to: Wipe and reformat by Zouch

This is the Windows NT-based (Win 2000 thru 7) disk management software. Start it up, delete the old disk partition, format, and then reboot. If its absolutely necessary to prevent contact with your current system, go the drive manufacturer's web site, get their maintenance software and have it format, with a preference for a "low level" format, if applicable. A low level format is what the factory does before it ships and new hard out of the factory, testing and erasing everything and keeping track of know errors that occur during manufacture. If you do this, you will catch and new bad sectors that may have developed over the years; if the hard drive locks these out, Windows will NEVER try to use them again. Most manufacturers have an ISO volume that you can burn to CD/DVD and boot your machine with it after attaching the new drives. This requires GREAT DETAIL and choose the wrong drive and it's "bye-bye irreplaceable pictures of auntie Agnes!" And, nice job using technology to its physical limits; I've had 12 yo drives that ran perfectly fine but just made me nervous so I finally retired the old things. They eventually make nice clocks, LOL