by JP Bill - 11/16/12 11:23 AM

In Reply to: Hostess Scares Hell Outa Unions. by James Denison

Jan 2012....Hostess Brands, the baker of Twinkie cakes and other iconic American foods, filed for bankruptcy protection today after failing to win concessions on union contracts.

Founded in 1930, Hostess owns brands that were emblematic of American food for generations. Its popular Twinkie, a snack cake with a creamy filling, was launched that year. The company claims its Wonder bread, a vitamin-enriched sliced bread, was the first 100% natural bread available across the US.

The privately held company filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganisation in a New York federal court, less than three years after emerging from a 2004 bankruptcy filing. "Hostess has some of our industry's most powerful and resilient brands," said Brian Driscoll, president and chief executive of the Texas-based firm.

2004?....Jan 2012?.....Oct 2012?

Michelle Obama doesn't look like she's eaten too many Twinkies...I wonder what she had do do with them going out of business.

We still have them up here... devil