removing the babylon virus

by crazzyjake - 11/15/12 8:41 PM

In Reply to: How to remove Babylon virus? by xguy03

a.) Babylon is a virus
-- i didn't ask to install it it installed on what should have been secure software by attaching to the packages
-- it copes itself in multiple locations
b.) Babylon is malicious
it forces you to install other software that is very hard to get rid of in and of itself and it is not asked fore
c.) well it makes copy of itself everywhere it quite generously installs itself in your Internet explorer in HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\{98889811-442D-49dd-99d7-DC866BE87DBC} 1
{note programs like Babylonia do not require nor should be a member of the HKLM period, there is a reason it is hidden from people its because it shouldn't be edited }
you cant just HKLM to delete this program, you delete just 1 digit and you have a new paper wait. I know I've done it before
the best solution would be to uninstall internet explorer. But before you go to your "uninstall a program" you should know being a member of HKLM you cant but Microsoft installed a fail safe
others tell you to reset the tool bar, ide say reset the hole of Internet explorer

don't rely on resetting the toolbar use advanced settings and reset everything including customization

and being that Internet explorer and Firefox are written into HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE I'd install another browser
opera is recommended
also use avast anti virus and ad-aware custom set everything to be as sensitive as it can scan hole files and scan daily.
also just as advanced warning Google chrome is vulnerable to what is called package linkage although present in all browsers it is extremely
sensitive in Google chrome
package linkage-- the act of linking to a download that is otherwise secure to jump through holes in your firewall
this is how i got Babylon to begin with