The XLS file works fine.

by asawadude - 11/15/12 12:43 AM

In Reply to: Are those PUPs? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Bob, I take it that the red "M" indicates that you're a moderator? And also a CNET employee?

I've noticed that in most of the posts complaining of an inadvertent installation of CNET's spyware, you've asked if the user has tried using the "Direct Download" link.

Let me ask you this: The CNET Installer has a big green button that says DOWNLOAD NOW. The "Direct Download" link is in small letters, probably 1/20th the size of the green button. Which do you think unsuspecting users are more likely to click on?

<div>Everything is designed to force users to use the CNET installer and to install the revenue generating pieces of spyware contained in the installer. Yes, there are choices presented to the user, but those choices are disguised through the use of font sizes, colors, and confusing words by CNET's web and app designers. The uneducated user doesn't stand a chance.

What CNET has done here is undefendable.

By the way, jtimothy's file is absolutely retrievable. Try replacing the "DOT" with a period (.) in the link he provided. Go to and you'll see the index of his cnet directory. </div>