You keep on making more assumptions...

by Pepe7 - 11/14/12 8:40 PM

In Reply to: I remember a cartoon by Jimmy Greystone

...and working off your original ones. I will repeat, we don't know the abilities of the OP's kid. Password hacking? Yeah, that's impressive <rolls eyes>.

Programming custom firmware? Oh golly(!) Are you *that* certain of your knowledge base that you wouldn't for a second think that someone hasn't already done such a thing and made it available? <pointing to the elementary google search on the second monitor in front of me now> Don't forget that sometimes that adequate technical solutions are sometimes a mouse click/download (or two) away. Often it's going to be a case of one's first hand experiences, and knowing where to find and connect the necessary options/tools to get the job done. Clever young computer 'enthusiasts' <ahem> are often bright, but don't (yet) have well rounded enough experiences to keep up w/ the big boys.

Agreed though, the OP needs more help finding the correct type of doctor to intervene and help his son, whatever the real issue may be. Keep in mind that finding (good!) pro-bono therapists isn't always an easy task either.