by Nort_Thalem - 11/13/12 6:49 PM

In Reply to: Hi. I received your email. by R. Proffitt Moderator

The problem isnt bad or upsetting advice, you seem to keep answering the questions Im not asking, and answering the same questions over and over despite my explaining Im well aware of the issues. The forum itself (or I should say my understanding of them) seems to aggrivate the issue because I cant seem to figure out how to reply to the topic itself without looking like Im trying to obligate you to respond, instead my responses get "directed" to you when Im just trying to reply to the thread itself, and keeps us going in a response loop of sorts.

As for the samsung machine I used in example, it wasnt a promise of future updates so much as a bait and switch. They represented the GT-P1010 as being the same device as their carrier equivelant without a contract or mobile data antanae, when it is inferiour to that machine in just about every way, and I found this out too late to send it back. Had it been what they told me they were selling me, it would have had everything in it I was promised and I wouldnt be disinterested in samsung products. The icing on the cake is that they still have not released updates for my USA region version of the device, despite the update being available for owners who got theirs in the philipines and UK, and that the UK and Phili versions of the software have been flashed with odin onto the USA versions and works just fine. The risk of bricking the device from inexperience is all that keeps me from doing it myself.

Im probably going to try my luck making a new topic with a different approach. Thank you for your time.