Fix for Word 2007 problem.

I had this problem and another tech sent me this information. It worked! Read the steps carefully and take your time. It will work. It's not difficult.

Some of the Microsoft files get corrupt permissions during GP security template application during installs and here is the solution to fix it.

Please follow the directions below and it will all be good again in no time.

1. Logon to system as local administrator
2. Open My computer and change the view (under tools > Folder Options > View ) to show hidden files and folders.
3. Now change directory to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\Data
4. Delete the files OPA12.dat & OPA12.bak (in some computers you may see OPA11 instead of OPA12. That is okay delete whatever 11 or 12 that you see there)
5. Restart the Word Program.
6. It will install and recreate those files (which got corrupted) again. You can now go to the user profile and launch Word successfully.
7. At the end please don't forget to change the View of the files to HIDE the hidden files and folder on step 2.