Aimsbury's fix worked for me

by OxWearingSocks - 11/13/12 12:44 PM

In Reply to: "Web page cannot be displayed" virus? by ashleyjneale

Thanks Aimsbury - Your fix did the trick for me.

For anyone reading this because they have the 'virus', the way to get rid of it is to do:

1 Open Windows in Safe Mode (turn on your PC and hold F8). If you can't figure this out - Google it

2 When it loads, go to Start and in the "Search" box type msconfig and press enter

3 Choose the Startup Tab at the top of the new window

4 Look down the list for an item with a strange random lettered name (mine was idsifskdse.exe or similar). The command location of it will be in C:\Windows if I remember correctly

5 Untick this and click apply

6 Restart the PC - this time in normal mode. Windows should boot correctly.

7 I chose to restore windows to an earlier point (a week earlier, to be safe). You can Google how to do this if you don't. Search for 'System Restore'

I didn't delete the file like Aimsbury but it's probably a good idea to. Once I did the restore I couldn't find it again though, so hopefully it went. I'd recommend running a virus scan afterwards to be safe.

Thanks again Aimsbury.

FYI, I ended up with this after I tried to watch a dodgy stream of a movie forgetting I had disabled AdBlock Plus on Firefox. Moral of the tale is to go legit and buy the movie!! ...or don't turn ABP off wink

Hope this helps someone else