For everyday users, touchscreen devices

I believe that Windows 8 is for everyday users (literally). It works well with touchscreen devices and for average PC users. If you're a techie, gamer or designer like myself, I would stick with Windows 7. Honestly, I installed Windows 8 Pro on my laptop (NOT a touchscreen) that I use when I travel. It works fine for what I use it (browsing, music, word processing). Most Windows users are used to their routine (Start button, Task Bar, etc.). With Windows 8 it forces you to break that routine and makes you want to learn it's new interface. It is a learning curve because Microsoft developers didn't think of slowly integrating previous Windows versions' ease of usability to Windows 8. They just simply and hastily changed it in order to catch up with today's increasing demand for touchscreen devices. Therefore, if you're unable to break your routine or a desktop and a mouse user (which I use at work), then I would stick with Windows 7.