May have missed some importan info - sorry

by Cyclingpuppy - 11/11/12 6:17 PM

In Reply to: Audio splitter by pgc3

Actually I may not have been clear enough.
The system setup is as follows:
The amp:
Dish DVR
And Panasonic led
The whole system is setup through hdmi.
DVR to amp
Blueray to amp
Audio split by amp to seven channels. Video signal carried to tv via HDMI for both devices.

The product I'm trying to setup is used for high end hearing aids. The base plugs into wall to power a Bluetooth signal, to a device worn around the neck. This device then places audio directly into the ears as if the were headphones. Here is a link to the device. User manuals and details are there and easy to read.
It only has RCA or Phone Jack as an option out of the box.

Here is my issue. I need to figure out a way to add this to the system so he can hear the audio, without affecting the audio for everyone else. To clarify, if we switch it to TV/Sat the option is there for him to turn on the device to help him understand and hear the TV better. While on the underhand, if we switch it over to DVD setting, the audio is also seamlessly working. We really want to avoid removing connections from the back, as access is tight and limited to the amp.

Please ask for any clarification, and I'm not a newbie with audio setups. This one just has me stumped.