There are some improvements.

by dsaeva - 11/11/12 9:18 AM

In Reply to: Thank You All, But... by Flatworm

Everyone is already divided into their camps, standing firmly with their favorite OS's. The fact of the matter is if you put a copy of 32-bit Win 8 on a computer had that trouble running Vista because of memory issues, chances are it will work much better with Win 8, because the memory footprint is a smaller. I have used it in Beta since it was available, it IS faster than Win 7 in a lot of way's. Is the Metro Style interface easy to work? At first I was horrified by it, but after I actually learned the system in a few days of actual use - I got it. I even understood the fact that the Start button as it is would be a nightmare to use without heavy modification on a TABLET computer. If you look at the whole picture as I do as a Internet Developer, it is a platform that a lot of people are using. I have to support it and understand it. Facts are facts, ignorance is bliss. What will happen down the road time will tell.