Agreed for the office.

by briegull - 11/11/12 9:11 AM

In Reply to: Which is what we do today. At the office by R. Proffitt Moderator

But I find many people - young and old, who really don't even know what Visual Studio IS, much less want to use it, or many other standard PC apps, on ANYTHING. They are quite content to do the web, email, simple editing of photos, Skype maybe, watch movies and tv and play a few or many games. There are reasonably bearable office programs if need be and I've found I can also use Salesforce and Wordpress on my iPad, the main limitation being the keyboard (which I could correct if need be). However, obviously, there are a great many IT apps that are not and will not be ported to tablets. I'm retired - no longer interested in the corporate world's needs, and if there is ONE app to make a power-point presentation, that's one app too many!!