thanks willy

by slow235comp - 11/10/12 11:47 PM

In Reply to: Embedded video setting by Willy

I have a bunch of upgraded, but old, GFX cards, some PCI slot, is that what you mean?

Is it right to say that I don't even need the recovery disk of VAIO/Sony shared library stuff unless I want those programs? IOW all I need is the generic XP CD, no? Unless the recovery CDs have drivers not provided in the link for my model.Seems like it:

I'm getting the recovery disks soon and will format and upgrade to 1 GIG RAM, and hopeflly that will hold me over 'till I get a nice computer.

Isn't it obsolete for me to burn a CD of downloaded drivers before reformatting/on another computer? IOW, the steps in that link say burn one like that and then install them before setting up an internet connection (I have one as soon as Windows is installed), so they assume I don't have internet yet. Still though, why not just install them after setting up an internet connection, which they put as the following step??

Is this best:
foramat w/ generic XP CD, but don't use the VAIO or Sony Shared Library CDs. just download the drivers after Windows installs instead of pre-burning a CD/drive.

Upgrade to SP3

run windows update

disconnect the CD drives (I never really use them anyway, can re-attach when do) and change PIO to DMA if applicable.

figure which GFX is best and PCI and install. Update driver.

Update drivers for things like motherboard, chipset, etc not offered or mentioned in the Sony driver link.
Should I update all drivers for everything in deviec manager if I can find them?

Then, it will be as fast as possible?