ERO 2012

by J4art - 11/10/12 2:19 PM

In Reply to: ERO 2012 is malware! by dobermomm

I didn't get this malware site from Avast although I do have Avast and it's always done a good job for me. Nov. 9, I went on to find the Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware protection program to download. It was supposed to be free. What came up was ERO 2012. I didn't catch on that it wasn't part of malwarebytes. I set it to scan and found many problems. I clicked on 'fix-it. It fixed 100 and said in order to fix the rest I would have to buy the program. When I tried to get rid of this program I ended up having to shut down cold as I could not close ERO 2012.

I had a really hard time to start my computer this morning but fnally got rid of the program that had taken up residence on my tool bar.