how about this?

by porsche10x - 11/10/12 8:36 AM

In Reply to: Tablet Computer Under $100 by valhom

I was looking for a cheap tablet but one that had decent reviews and support. I ended up buying a Skytex, Skypad Alpha 2 (SX-SP715A) for less than $100. Sometimes you can find it even cheaper. Right now, you can find it for around $110. It's a 7' android tablet with ICS. It's low on features and not exactly high end, but it works surprisingly well considering the price. It takes micro SD cards, has USB, and HDMI out. It has wi-fi but no bluetooth. No GPS either. No rear-facing camera. Marginal front-facing camera. Google, and you can find reviews on it, mostly good. It's well represented in a number of forums for support / discussion. You can also call Skytex tech support in the USA and speak to someone who speaks English. I have been very happy with it. I bought two, so my kids could have something to play with without spending $1000+, but I also use it to check email, for casual web browsing, etc. I've been without power in New York after hurricane Sandy, and it's really helped me (Thank you, Mcdonalds, Burger King, and every other supplier of free wi-fi!) If I had one minor issue, it's that the wi-fi sometimes seems a little slower than it should be, but for the money, I can't complain.