Looks good from here and I offer the following..

by VAPCMD - 11/10/12 6:05 AM

In Reply to: New PC by Ryan309

Everything looks decent .....case looks great but a little overpriced. Suspect you can find the same functionality ....internal and external drives, fans, etc., without spending $189.

RAM....the timings (latency) are higher (slower) than most DD3 1600....the DIMMs selected show 11-11-11-30 whereas most DDR3 1600 DIMMs are 9-9-9-24 and some are 8 -8-8- 24 or even 7. Bottomline, for $75 incl shiiping, I'd look for the highest rated 8GB (X2) or 4GB (X4) DIMMs rated at 9 or better and then pick the kit that gives you your total 16GB

Here's a well rated 2 DIMM X 8GB kit with 8 latency (runs faster than 9 and 11)

Here's a well rated 2 DIMM X 8GB kit with 9 low latency (runs faster than 11)

Let us know what you ultimately choose and how it goes.