If Windows 9 isn't better my next computer will use Linux

I do not like tablets. I am not the least bit interested in touch screens. I have never mastered the touchpad on a laptop due to a stroke. Also, I would have to get a pressure sensitive screen as I can't use a heat sensitive one because I have Raynaud's. There is no way I would buy new monitors to replace my monitors I just bought for my desktops. Who wants to sit that close to a screen anyway? My arms would have to grow 2 feet to reach it. I know someone who has a 60" tv she uses for her monitor. She has a wireless mouse and keyboard. She sits on her couch a good 6 feet from the tv. She would need 6 foot arms. Windows 8 looks like a toy, not for someone that actually needs to do work. It is inefficient using more keystrokes and mouse clicks than earlier OS to do certain tasks. Microsoft has abandoned desktop users as far as I am concerned. I see no use for Windows 8.