by popeye67 - 11/10/12 2:32 AM

In Reply to: Thank You All, But... by Flatworm

Why do i get the feeling microsoft are spending more money employing people to spam forums telling people windows8 is nowhere near as bad as people say it is, than they did spending the time to listen to people telling them what they wanted and it wasnt the windows8 microsoft was forcing on them, microsoft have basically told people we dont care what you want this is what your getting and your going to have to lump it.

Even going as far as to sabotage third party apps that went some way to restoreing some form of start menu, if you own a tablet or touchscreen device no doubt your going to love it, or if your 9 years old, if you seriously use or work on computers its going to be a total nightmare, and if your stupid enough to buy a laptop with win8 installed your probably going to be stuck with it regardless of whether you want it because the laptop probably wont accept windows7.

my advice would be wait for windows9 because it will be along shortly if microsoft have any sense and it WILL have a start menu, or they will do what they should have done in the first place and developed two os instead of fobbing computer owners off with an os designed for phones.

I wouldnt use it if it was free.