Facebook privacy when responding to a newsfeed

by speakingrock - 11/9/12 6:00 AM

In Reply to: I don't want to upset you. by R. Proffitt Moderator

My understanding was that you could forget about privacy too when putting out any comments on FB unless done through a private message directly to that person. I know my comments will be out there. However, I just wasn't sure if FB was set up so my friends would, I guess by default, get my comments I make on a newsfeed sent to them - if that person was not the originator of the newsfeed or involved with it in anyway. I hope I'm explaining myself correctly. I make political comments with groups that share my belief but have friends that don't share the same beliefs and want them out of the conversation or at least not subjected to political comments I make. I like Facebook's ability to share among groups of people but due have my privacy concerns. I guess this presents a dilemma. Thanks for your quick response.