<<< download links that immediately initiate a file download

by MedicalDeviceSoftware - 11/7/12 6:12 PM

In Reply to: Hi by CNETSupport CNET staff

Dear Jen,

Can any one help ? I have this problem for more than 2 months !

I posted my question to have human response and avoid automatic and non helpful response such as
<<< please report to our ...>>>.

1000s of publishers can respond to my question because they already figure out what mean
<<< download links that immediately initiate a file download.>>>

I " googled" for a helpful response (there are many with misunderstanding most are from Japan, Korea, Chinas... So may be it's a language related problem ?!

Is any one can help with a simple example rather than sending us back to the policies ...etc because

If we could understand the policies, It will not be a problem and you wasting your time reading my question or a server wasting energy with automatic responses

It will save us a lot of time if you give us just an example.

Best regards