by chasers2012 - 11/6/12 8:38 AM

In Reply to: Vizio E601i-A3 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

At any time did you observe an odd lip sync offset? I bought this TV a couple weeks ago. At first I noticed a several second delay between lips and sound. Then, after turning on FX (at which point lip sync was normal) and walking around the house and finally returning, the sync was three seconds off, and kept getting worse over time! At first I thought I was nuts, but there are also differences in lip sync offsets inter and intrachannel! I've never seen anything like it. Last night I had ESPN on. The lip sync during commercials was perfect, then off again during the game. And, some channels like local channels are fine, some higher channels (Max, HBO) seem fine, but others are off.
For the record, I use Dish, and recently swapped out my 50" LG plasma for this TV. I'd never noticed any lip sync issues with the LG; the only thing that's changed is the TV. Oh, and I've tried just HDMI, just analog (output from TV to soundbar), and analog out from BluRay and Dish box to soundbar, but they're all off. The lipsync adjustment in the TV's menu only adjusts in one direction but doesn't seem to affect any of the outputs.
Again, I've never seen anything like this. Any suggestions?