Its Still Bloatware

by Red Diamond - 11/5/12 9:12 AM

In Reply to: Thank You All, But... by Flatworm

Given Microsoft's long history of releasing a bad OS then a good one as mentioned by others, I would NEVER try one of their new OS's. I am extremely disappointed that they are going to this extreme, APP oriented change, making an assumption that users would want their desktop to be like their smart phone, which as anyone knows, aren't that smart or convenient. I have to hit more buttons on a Droid or iPhone than I do my old phones or Blackberries just to make a phone call. If I wanted APPS I'll buy a xPad or a tablet PC.

This same progression has happened to Windows since Vista. What used to take one or two clicks now takes four to seven. I would run XP, Windows finest, but it doesn't support the NLE editing systems I use.

If you can realize that with Vista, Win 7 and now with Win 8, your computer, like your phone is their tool for marketing your life then you will understand Windows 8. If you don't believe this:
1) Why did MS remove tyour ability view the LAN I/O process via the dual monitors flashing green in the taskbar? They don't want you to see the constant flow of data chunks leaving your computer.
2) Why did they eliminate the one click ability to disable your LAN connection? If you right click the current icon, choose 'Open Network and Sharing', then click 'Connect or Disconnect', your are taken back to the screen you just clicked. This type of circular reasoning is the definition of insanity. So, only the diligent can disconnect their LAN connection. And when your try to reconnect, Windows can't figure out what's wrong. Then it gives the standard answer, "Contact your Network Administrator". I don't know if MS realizes it but, 99.99% of the users of it's OS's do not have one.

A couple of other questions:
1) Why has MS contiously dumbed down their OS's since Vista to the mass frustration of loyal users? For future "improvement"
2) Why does Win ME or XP load Outlook 2000 four times faster than Outlook 2010? Just Google Bloat and you'll have your answer. POOR PROGRAMMING.

Operating Systems have become like voting. You don't get what you really want, you're just choosing between the lesser of the various evils.

Red Diamond